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Lillian Luthor. Loving Wife and Mother.

"She was an extraordinary woman"

The Lioness
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Lex: The watch I lost, my mom gave it to me when she knew it was getting close. She found a Napoleon franc from 1806 and had it made into the face.

Clark: Why Napoleon?

Lex: You ever see the painting of Napoleon’s coronation by David?

Clark: No.

Lex: Napoleon’s mother couldn’t make it to his coronation. But when he commissioned it, Napoleon told David to paint her in as if she were there, right in the center. Even though she couldn’t be there physically, he brought her into his life through sheer force of will, there to share in his greatness.

Clark: That’s a good story.

From Shimmer, Season 1, episode 10, transcript found at the Smallville Fanfiction Resources

Lillian Luthor. Wife to Lionel Luthor, and mother to Lex Luthor. A woman loved by these men must have indeed had a strong force of will.

the_lioness is a community devoted to fic exploring Lillian Luthor. Who she was. Who she raised her son to be. We welcome and accept Lillian Luthorfic of any genre and rating. At times, there might be adult themes discussed in this LJ so please, if you are under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, do not read this journal.

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