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Lillian Luthor. Loving Wife and Mother.

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Thursday, July 17th, 2003
3:47 pm - SV Comics Lillian

In issue #3 of the SV comics there was a story about Lillian. harriet_spy scanned this image of Lillian and Lionel, which mistakenly has her dying of cancer, rather than a heart condition. Does anyone have other panels scanned?

I'm going to run out and buy the damn thing, now that I know she's in it, no matter how peripherally and inaccurately. -.-

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
12:42 pm - o/~ This queen you think you own o/~

schmevil suggested that I post this here and, well, never let it be said that I missed an opportunity to jabber.

Lillian-type thingsCollapse )

Also: you cast Gillian Anderson as Lillian! Squee! That is so perfect.

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
9:09 pm - Welcome to The Lioness.

On behalf of tstar78 and myself, I'm happy to welcome you all to the best community ever. Er... a very cool community, at least. Here you can discuss Lillian Luthor, deceased wife of Lionel and mother to Lex, and rec and plug Lillian-related fics.

Many fans of Smallville have dismissed Lillian Luthor as a sweet, saintly dead woman - little more than Lex's mother and that chick who gave him a cool watch and a box. However, this is a character who makes her presence strongly felt without ever appearing on screen. As much as Lionel can be seen in Lex's ambition and moral ambiguity, so can we see Lillian in his passion. And surely, a woman who both Lex and Lionel still admire and love must have been extraordinary. We have only hints of her character and as any proper geeks, it is left to us to reconstruct this essential but underdeveloped character.

Some fics to start you off:

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, by Aelita

Vist, by Aelita

Five Lies Your Mother Never Told You, by Caro

This Is Not Happening, by Devin Moonshine

A Bend In The Fence, by Ingrid

A Sound of Thunder, by Jayne Leitch

Towards Sundown, by MartianHousecat

A Luthor Christmas, by MitchPell

Play For Me, by Valentine

Jasmine and Silk, by Wendi

A Conversation, by Zahra

Please link us to your own Lillian fics and recs.

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